Great Directors' best 10 films:Renoir

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Great Directors' best 10 films:Renoir

Postby john-5 » Sat Apr 13, 2002 11:34 am

Renoir's 10 best?
La Chienne
Boudu Sauve des Eaux
Le Crime de Monsieur Lange
Partie de Campagne
La Grande Illusion
La Bete Humaine
La Regle du Jeu
The River
The Golden Coach
French Can-Can
Also:La Nuit du Carrefour,Toni,The Southerner..

Re: Great Directors' best 10 films:Renoir

Postby gratefultiger » Wed May 01, 2002 10:39 pm

it is hard to argue with those selections ,though toni & the southener were stiff to miss out .all in all the right choice.isn't the river an underrated film? gets better every time i see it.for me renoir will always be the regle du jeu is incomparable!
cheers from downunder.

Re: Great Directors' best 10 films:Renoir

Postby admin-2 » Sun Oct 20, 2002 6:25 pm

In order:

1/ The Rules Of The Game
2/ Grand Illusion
3/ La Bete Humaine
4/ La Chienne
5/ Boudu Saved From Drowning
6/ The Golden Coach
7/ Elena And Her Men
8/ The River
9/ The Lower Depths
10/ The Crimes Of Monsieur Lange

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