Looking for film title

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Looking for film title

Postby paris » Sat Apr 21, 2001 7:36 pm

I'm trying to find out the title of a film...I saw it a long time ago and can't completely remember the plot. I believe that it is about a man who replicates paintings. He is working on replicating a Rembrandt painting. He steals the original and replaces it with the replicated painting.

Has anyone seen this? I saw it on an airplane on the way back from Europe and would like to see it again. Thanks!

Re: Looking for film title

Postby margie » Mon Apr 23, 2001 9:10 am

Night Watch? 1995

Re: Looking for film title

Postby cinemasmooch » Tue Apr 24, 2001 12:42 pm

The replicating of classic paintings is done every day in Viet Nam. I couldn't believe the high quality of the artwork either. I was in Hanoi when I saw this. They also do a good job on Zippo lighters in Saigon.

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