Italian Film Search.. Any leads appreciated.

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Italian Film Search.. Any leads appreciated.

Postby chrisjanik » Wed Apr 10, 2002 4:06 am

I hate when people say things like this, but I am desperate and need to know the name of the film.

The film I am search for is italian. It was made I think (30% sure) sometime during late 80's or early 90's. The film is about a princess that is trying to get out of an arranged marriage by her family to some man that she doesn't like. In turn she tries to flee and falls for a tennis player. She loves him, but he cheats on her and she flees again. She winds up getting a job at a bar near a beach where she falls for a surfing instructor. Then her family finds her and all hell breaks loose.

(This part I know, the surfing instructor is really famous in Italy. He has been cast in numerous italian films and is considered a heartthrob. If anyone knows the name of this heart throb, and could provide any leads, it would be most appreciated.)

Thank you

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