Best Films of the 80s

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Re: Best Films of the 80s

Postby A » Fri Apr 27, 2007 11:41 pm

Ok, here's finally my own 80s list. I guess I haven't seen nearly as much as all of the others, but it's all about quality. These films will (hopefully) remain on the list as new ones will be added. ">

Heaven's Gate (Michael Cimino / USA)
Kagemusha (Akira Kurosawa / Japan, USA)
Loulou (Maurice Pialat / France)
Permanent Vacation (Jim Jarmusch / USA)
The Big Red One [reconstructed version] (Samuel Fuller / USA)
The Elephant Man (David Lynch / USA)
The Shining (Stanley Kubrick / UK)

Diva (Jean-Jacques Beineix / France)
Eyewitness (Peter Yates / USA)
Mad Max 2 (George Miller / Australia)
Pennies from Heaven (Herbert Ross / USA)
Possession (Andrzej Zulawski / France, West Germany)
Tarzan, the Ape Man (John Derek / USA)

Bakuretsu toshi Burst City (Sogo Ishii / Japan)
Blade Runner (Ridley Scott / USA)
Conan the Barbarian (John Milius / USA)
Die Erben The Inheritors (Walter Bannert / Austria)
Moonlighting (Jerzy Skolimowski / UK)
Moznosti dialogu Dimensions of Dialogue (Jan Svankmajer / Czechoslovakia)
Sans soleil Sunless (Chris Marker / France)
Victor/Victoria (Blake Edwards / USA, UK)

Der Aufenthalt The Turning Point (Frank Beyer / East Germany)
Koyaanisqatsi (Godfrey Reggio / USA)
La lune dans le caniveau The Moon in the Gutter (Jean-Jacques Beineix / France, Italy)
Mortelle randonne Deadly run (Claude Miller / France)
Scarface (Brian De Palma / USA)
Stranger than Paradise (Jim Jarmusch / USA)
The Hunger (Tony Scott / USA)
Wu lang ba gua gun Eight Diagram Pole Fighter (Chia-Liang Liu / Hong Kong)

Klassenverhältnisse Class Relations (Daniele Huillet, Jean-Marie Straub / West Germany, France)
L' amour à mort Love Unto Death (Alain Resnais / France)
La pirate The Pirate (Jacques Doillon / France)
Paris, Texas (Wim Wenders / West Germany, France)
The Terminator (James Cameron / USA)

Back to the Future (Robert Zemeckis / USA)
La vie de famille Family Life (Jacques Doillon / France)
Otac na sluzbenom putu When father was away on business (Emir Kusturica / Yugoslavia)
Qingmei Zhuma Taipei Story (Edward Yang / Taiwan)
Ran (Akira Kurosawa / Japan, France)
Sans toit ni loi Vagabond (Agnès Varda / France, UK)
Tenshi no tamago Angel's Egg (Mamoru Oshii / Japan)
Zina (Ken McMullen / UK)

Blue Velvet (David Lynch / USA)
Ferris Bueller's Day Off (John Hughes / USA)
Mauvais sang Bad Blood (Leos Carax / France)
Offret The Sacrifice (Andrei Tarkovsky / Sweden, UK, France)
Rosa Luxemburg (Margarethe von Trotta / West Germany, Czechoslovakia)

Akira (Katsuhiro Otomo / Japan)
Frantic (Roman Polanski / France, USA)
Khane-ye doust kodjast? Where is my friends house? (Abbas Kiarostami / Iran)
Predator (John McTiernan / USA)
Sign 'o' the Times (Prince, Albert Magnoli / USA)
The Princess Bride (Rob Reiner / USA)

Feet of Song (Erica Russell / UK)
Hotaru no haka Grave of the Fireflies (Isao Takahata / Japan)
Les ministéres de l'art (Philippe Garrel / France)
The Accidental Tourist (Lawrence Kasdan / USA)
The Unbearable Lightness of Being (Philip Kaufman / USA)
Tonari no Totoro My Neighbor Totoro (Hayao Miyazaki / Japan)
Wong gok ka moon As Tears Go By (Wong Kar Wai / Hong Kong)

Arousi-ye Khouban Marriage of the Blessed (Mohsen Makhmalbaf / Iran)
Back to the Future Part II (Robert Zemeckis / USA)
Batman (Tim Burton / USA)
L'enfant de l'hiver Winter's Child (Olivier Assayas / France)
Majo no takkyûbin Kiki's Delivery Service (Hayao Miyazaki / Japan)
Monsieur Hire M. Hire (Patrice Leconte / France)
Sale comme un ange Dirty Like an Angel (Catherine Breillat / France)
The Cook the Thief His Wife & Her Lover (Peter Greenaway / UK, France, Netherlands)

by country:

USA: 25
France: 16
Japan: 8
UK: 5
West Germany: 3
Hong Kong: 2
Iran: 2
Australia: 1
Austria: 1
Czechoslovakia: 1
East Germany: 1
Sweden: 1
Taiwan: 1
Yugoslavia: 1

Total: 68

* I've recently completely rediscovered Wong Kar Wai's debut feature "As Tears Go By" (1988). What a film!!! I'm still overwhelmed. The same can be said about the impact of the Austrian Film "The Inheritors" (1982) which I only saw by chance at the cinema. What a discovery!!

Re: Best Films of the 80s

Postby A » Fri Apr 27, 2007 11:43 pm

These are films I need to see again, as they could make it on the "best" list.

some possible contenders:

Raging Bull (Martin Scorsese / USA / 1980)

Gallipoli (Peter Weir / Australia / 1981)
Reds (Warren Beatty / USA / 1981)
Sjecas li se, Dolly Bell Do You Remember Dolly Bell? (Yugoslavia / Emir Kusturica / 1981)

The Draughtsman's Contract (Peter Greenaway / UK / 1982)
Vincent (Tim Burton / USA / 1982)

L'argent Money (Robert Bresson / France, Switzerland / 1983)
The King of Comedy (Martin Scosese / USA / 1983)

Frankenweenie (Tim Burton / USA / 1984)
Nineteen Eighty-Four (Michael Radford / UK / 1984)
Once Upon a Time in America (Sergio Leone / USA, Italy / 1984)

Witness (Peter Weir / USA / 1985)

Dao ma zei The Horse Thief (Zhuangzhuang Tian / China / 1986)
Le rayon vert The Green Ray (Eric Rohmer / France / 1986)
O Melissokomos The Beekeeper (Theodoros Angelopoulos / Greece, France, Italy / 1986)

Bicycleran The Cyclist (Mohsen Makhmalbaf / Iran / 1987)

Chocolat (Claire Denis / France, West Germany, Cameroon / 1988)
Coming to America (John Landis / USA / 1988)
Dom za veanje Time of the Gypsies (Emir Kusturica / Yugoslavia, UK, Italy / 1988)
Drowning by Numbers (Peter Greenaway / UK, Netherlands / 1988)
Tetsuo The Ironman (Shinya Tsukamoto / Japan / 1988)
The Last Temptation of Christ (Martin Scorsese / USA / 1988)

The Little Mermaid (Ron Clements / USA / 1989)

Re: Best Films of the 80s

Postby arsaib4 » Sat Apr 28, 2007 1:36 am

Nice list, A. I've seen most of the foreign language films you've mentioned and I'm having a hard time coming up with one that I really dislike. Do need to catch up with a few of the English language ones (e.g. Ferris Buellers Day Off, Eyewitness, The Hunger).

Re: Best Films of the 80s

Postby A » Sat Apr 28, 2007 3:45 am

Thanks for the kind words. I've been in a bit of a worry lately, as almost every former favorite of mine I rewatch tends to disappoint me. So I'd say I'lll probably have to reconsider some films on this list too (mainly the American ones, I think).
All of the ten films I've seen from your list either are on mine or could make it with another rewatch, btw. And it's really been a looong time since I've seen Platoon.
I should (re)watch a series of films by Mr. Stone anyways, as my taste has evolved and matured (or so I'd like to believe ). The last time I saw JFK for example I was very disappointed to find out that what I previously believed to be a mastepiece was merely a good film. At the moment I like U-Turn best, though this doesn't seem to mean much anymore...

Re: Best Films of the 80s

Postby wpqx » Sat Apr 28, 2007 7:48 am

I probably prefer your "runner's up" list to the actually one A.

Oh and arsaib, not seeing Wayne's World is one thing, but Ferris Bueller? I'd like to say its a Chicago thing, but man I've probably seen that 50 times.

Re: Best Films of the 80s

Postby arsaib4 » Sat Apr 28, 2007 11:31 pm

It's now on the ever-growing list of films to see. Wayne's World, however, is inching closer to the top. Have you ever written anything about it?

Re: Best Films of the 80s

Postby wpqx » Sun Apr 29, 2007 2:26 am

No, I just might however write a paper on Beuller.

Re: Best Films of the 80s

Postby wpqx » Fri Jul 27, 2007 1:17 am

arsaib, where did you see Love Streams? I've been holding out patiently because the one and only VHS copy I can find is apparently in horrible condition.

Re: Best Films of the 80s

Postby arsaib4 » Fri Jul 27, 2007 2:07 am

I've seen it both theatrically and on DVD. The French standalone DVD came out back in 2004; there's also a 2-disc edition with A Child Is Waiting (I think).

Re: Best Films of the 80s

Postby wpqx » Fri Jul 27, 2007 4:54 am

Well still unavailable to me, here's hoping for another Criterion set.


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