cinematography specifically.

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cinematography specifically.

Postby nana » Wed May 02, 2001 1:50 pm

i want your recommendations/lists on films with
wow!! cinematography (hopefully they'll have other good elements). films or dv that goes too crazy that'll
make me dizzy ok. i'm not really into special effects neither.


Re: cinematography specifically.

Postby nana » Wed May 02, 2001 2:18 pm

here's some that comes to mind:

after life
ashes of time
flowers of shanghai
times regain doesn't have to be contemporary nor asian. it's not a good list, yall can do better than me!!


Re: cinematography specifically.

Postby mrcraige » Thu May 03, 2001 8:21 am

For amazing cinematography anything by Christopher Doyle (I see you've got ashes of time there) like Fallen Angels.
Check out Floating Life which is a great movie about a Hong Kong family that moves to Australia, nothing crazy just nice cinematography. I like big open spaces and interesting use of colour.

Re: cinematography specifically.

Postby Vee. M. » Wed May 09, 2001 3:29 am

how bout "koyanniqatsi"...a totally cinematorigrapicalextraviganja! a full length, no dialogue, yet captivating. maybe not what we need, in mtv generation, but still if you want visiualistic fetishisma, there you go!
Vee. M.

Re: cinematography specifically.

Postby mrcraige » Thu May 10, 2001 9:24 am

I'd definately agree with Koyanisquatsi, but what do you mean by it not being what we need in an mtv generation?

Re: cinematography specifically.

Postby Pasayo » Sat May 12, 2001 8:00 pm

Here are some of my favorite films with gorgeous cinematography:
Three Colors: Blue
Three Colors: White
Three Colors: Red
Queen Margot
Girl on the Bridge
Heavenly Creatures
Before the Rain
Central Station
Lovers of the Arctic Circle

Re: cinematography specifically.

Postby zampano » Wed May 23, 2001 3:40 pm

Try Eureka. Its out in the theatres now I believe. Its playing in NYC at only one theatre, so you
may not get a chance to see it, where ever you are. Its like a slide show of black and white photographs by Cyndi Sherman and Kenneth
Josephson with slow, entrenching camara angles.

Re: cinematography specifically.

Postby D-rel » Mon Aug 20, 2001 5:45 pm

"Black Narcissus" (1947, Powell, British)
"Raise the Red Lantern" (1991, Yimou, Chinese)
a MUST SEE: "The Conformist" (1970, Bertolucci, Italian)
Also, "The Spider's Stratagem" (same)
"The Seventh Seal" (Bergman, 1957, Swedish)
"Lawrence of Arabia" (1962, Lean--British/American)
"Once Upon a Time in the West" (1969, Leone, Italian)

One of my favorites.."32 Short Films About Glenn Gould" (Girard, 1993, Canadian)

Re: cinematography specifically.

Postby vvasquez » Thu Nov 01, 2001 1:54 pm

Ran - Kurosawa

Re: cinematography specifically.

Postby john-5 » Sat Jan 05, 2002 10:54 am

Some of the best cinematographers ;Vittorio Storaro,Robbie Muller,Raoul Coutard,Greg Toland,Chris Doyle,Edouard Tisse,Jack Cardiff,Sven Nykvist,Kazuo Miyagawa,Nestor Almendros,Georgos Arvanitis,Robert Burks,Gordon Willis.Many of these have/had long associations with certain directors,and should get more credit for their work.After all,cinema is a visual medium.


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