Greatest performance ever?

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Re: Greatest performance ever?

Postby Anasazie » Fri Apr 28, 2006 2:45 am


Good comments, i agree. Not with the Costner one of course, but with everything else.

Re: Greatest performance ever?

Postby Anasazie » Fri Apr 28, 2006 2:51 am


I agree with your comments on De Palma's skill as a director, but again, i'd put him in the same superficiality boat as Hitchcock. I think you've already predicted that anyway.

Don Lope.

I agree with your comments about the progression of Kinski's character in Aguirre. However, most of that is down to the writing and directing, kinski wouldn't have decided those things, that's Herzog. Kinski had an amazing allure and was an amazingly interesting actor on the surface, but he's always just Kinski and that's why i'd say his just "performing", performing himself, his own issues, his own idiosyncracies. His work is wonderful as a result, but he doesn't inhabit his characters, he overcomes them, overbears them and turns them into part of his own personality. That's why i wouldn't rate his work as character acting. Of course he was brilliant for what he was though.

Re: Greatest performance ever?

Postby Don Lope de Aguirre » Fri Apr 28, 2006 2:59 am

Thank you for your insight. I agree that Aguirre's progression is due to Herzog's writing and direction, but I choose Kinski's role as the greatest ever simply because it strikes a chord with me that no other performance has ever come close to doing. This facial expression gives me chills:
Don Lope de Aguirre

Re: Greatest performance ever?

Postby A » Fri Apr 28, 2006 3:00 am

I agree with Wpqx and De palma. Flawed but great in many ways. The movie that showed this for me was "scarface" though. I loove his directing, and I love the movie.
But I wouldn't put him in the same boat as hitchcock - not even near him.

Re: Greatest performance ever?

Postby A » Fri Apr 28, 2006 3:02 am

@ Don Lope
The picture you chose is a @#%$ good example. Kinski looks insane

Btw, if you want to see great performances by De Niro.
My favorites by him are in "Mad Dog and Glory" and "Heat". Boy is he good.

Re: Greatest performance ever?

Postby wpqx » Fri Apr 28, 2006 1:22 pm

I'll admit Hithcock would probably be in my top ten (or at least twenty) whereas De Palma might not make my top 50, but I've seen a lot of films from a lot of directors, and I appreciate visual filmmakers, which is one of the reasons why I'm getting into Peter Greenaway right now. Scarface I loved when I saw it, certainly like it more than the Howard Hawks/Howard Hughes version, but it's been years and years. Dressed to Kill is a great example of a seriously flawed film that's still genius to watch. It's got problems all over, but the way it was shot (the opening shower sequence, the chase in the museum, the numerous Psycho references) its all quality filmmaking.

Speaking of Michael Caine (he was in Dressed to Kill in case you think I'm just retardedly changing the subject), he was quite extraordinary in Educating Rita, which would at least be my favorite performance of his.

Back to De Niro, I usually do find him to be "just De Niro", but like Kinski, who inhabits very similar characters, he's great at being that. Both have a certain insanity to their craft where you never really know if and when they'll randomly go insane on camera.

As far as Brechtian acting, I would probably vote Laurence Olivier in his version of Richard III.

Re: Greatest performance ever?

Postby Anasazie » Wed May 03, 2006 11:37 pm

All film-makers are visual film-makers, it's a visual medium.

What Greenaway stuff have you been getting into? I'm not really a fan myself. Quite pompous, bombastic and convoluted mostly. Although his talent for creation is undoubtable, his delivering is cold and repugnant mostly. I feel like he's trying to force himself into my head when i watch his films. I prefer to think for myself thanks Pete, please learn to allow the viewer to do that.

Which ones have you enjoyed? Care to start a Rate the Director thing so everyone can compare.

Re: Greatest performance ever?

Postby wpqx » Fri May 05, 2006 3:33 pm

Well I was quite impressed with Drowning by Numbers, but a little disappointed in Belly of an Architect. Since I just ordered 9 more of his films (7 are shorts), I'll be able to make a much better assessment of his work.

Re: Greatest performance ever?

Postby Anasazie » Mon May 08, 2006 3:26 am

Yes i had the same reaction. Although i don't rate any of his work as highly as some people, everything he does is massively flawed and pretentious in some way. I've seen everything from The Draughtman's Contract to 8 1/2 Women and would rate Z.0.0. as his best. Let me know when you've seen some more, be interested to see how you feel about Cook, Prospero & Macon. Maybe i'll start a rate the director thread on him myself.

Re: Greatest performance ever?

Postby gratefultiger » Wed Jun 14, 2006 11:48 pm

Maria Falconetti... Passion of Joan d Arc
Klaus Maria Brandeur... Mephisto
David Thewlis ...Naked
Angelica Huston.. The Grifters
Marlon Brando.... On The Waterfront
Monica Vitti..La Ventura
Isabella Huppert...Piano Teacher
John Garfield..... Force Of Evil
Alec Guiness... Kind Hearts & Coronets
Klaus Kinski...Aguirre Wrath Of God
Erich Von Stroheim...La Grande Illusion
Victor Syjstrom... Wild Stawberries
Robert Mitchum...Night Of The Hunter
Michel Simon... La Atalante
Just some performances i love tho their are some great ones here


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