Cultural 100.

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Re: Cultural 100.

Postby wpqx » Fri Jan 20, 2006 5:00 pm

I've been reading Ulysses from Joyce for an embarrassing amount of time (seriously I won't even mention how long) and I have no idea what the hell it's about or what is going on, I wonder how many pages I'm going to read before I realize either if it is about anything or if that's the point. Certainly the most challenging novel I've read (or attempted to read). I've been on a bit of a book kick lately, so I'll hold off on mine until I can tackle some of the classics I've just picked up. Interested in Kafka's Amerika, I read the Trial in about two days and it was an interesting read, so I'm certainly open for more of his work. Right now though I'm kind of a literary vagabond, only reading one book per author until I get most of the major writers covered.

Re: Cultural 100.

Postby trevor826 » Fri Jan 20, 2006 10:30 pm

I thought I'd start with music as I thought this would be the easiest. Well if it was the easiest I'm going to have a hell of a time with the other sections.

I have cheated but only because it would have been impossible otherwise.

Artist/Composer in bold.

Led Zeppelin
Volume 2
Volume 4
Physical Grafitti
Pink Floyd
Dark Side of the Moon
Wish You Were Here
A Farewell to Kings
Alanis Morrisette
Jagged Little Pill
Sheep May Safely Graze
Jesu, Joy of Mans Desiring
Brandenburg Concertos
Air on a G string
Symphonies 1-9
Symphony no 40 in G minor
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
Water Music
Arrival of the Queen of Sheba
Karl Jenkins
The Armed Man
Planet Suite
Vaughn Williams
Fantasia on a Theme
Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov
Four Seasons - preferably Nigel Kennedy.

I've had to omit hundreds of pieces of music and totally ignored soundtracks or I'd never have finished.

Cheers Trev

Re: Cultural 100.

Postby Johndav » Fri Jan 20, 2006 11:54 pm

A's book list puts me to shame- cos i've not read many that's for sure, but then all the more to discover! Will try the Oe (have only read one by him, quite liked)

Trevor: so a Welsh composer included. I'm not especially impressed with The Armed Man as a whole, but there's one sublime piece in it- Benedictus. How well i remember driving over the hills near Abergavenny listening to that on a glorious day!

Re: Cultural 100.

Postby trevor826 » Sat Jan 21, 2006 12:03 am

Yes it was mainly for the Benedictus, funny thing is my wife finds the whole CD creepy, I note we have very few similarities with the music, though there's quite a lot on your list I do like. Beethoven - Pastoral and Dark Side of the Moon (which is probably an age thing) are the only ones replicated.

Cheers Trev.

Re: Cultural 100.

Postby Johndav » Sat Jan 21, 2006 12:20 am

You're more of a fan of Bach than i am, so perhaps you may really like the minimalist Straub-Huillet film Chronicle of Anna Magdalena Bach, that lets the music take centre stage?

Re: Cultural 100.

Postby wpqx » Sat Jan 21, 2006 12:26 am

I'm going to bypass all music besides rock, because it makes it simpler for me.

Dream Theater - Images and Words (1992)
Bruce Springsteen - Born to Run (1975)
The Beatles - The Beatles (1968)
The Beatles - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (1967)
John Lennon - Plastic Ono Band (1970)
Van Morrison - Astral Weeks (1968)
Queen - A Night at the Opera (1975)
Queen - News of the World (1977)
U2 - The Joshua Tree (1987)
The Clash - London Calling (1980)
The Smiths - The Queen is Dead (1986)
Bob Dylan - Blonde on Blonde (1966)
Bob Dylan - Blood on the Tracks (1975)
The Beatles - Abbey Road (1969)
Queen - Sheer Heart Attack (1974)
Nirvana - Nevermind (1991)
The Velvet Underground - The Velvet Underground and Nico (1967)
At the Gates - Slaughter of the Soul (1995)
The Rolling Stones - Sticky Fingers (1971)
Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin (1969)
Megadeth - Rust in Peace (1990)
Elvis Costello - This Year's Model (1978)
The Beach Boys - Pet Sounds (1966)
The Beatles - Revolver (1966)

I could easily list another 200 here, but well 25 will suffice. Now for a very half assed movie list.

Citizen Kane (1941) - Orson Welles
The Godfather 1 and 2 (1972, 1974) - Francis Ford Copolla
All Quiet on the Western Front (1930) - Lewis Milestone
2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) - Stanley Kubrick
8 1/2 (1963) - Federico Fellini
Star Wars Trilogy (1977, 1980, 1983) - George Lucas, Irvin Kershner, Richard Marquand
Lawrence of Arabia (1962) - David Lean
Pulp Fiction (1994) - Quinten Tarantino
Apocalypse Now (1979) - Francis Ford Copolla
Singing in the Rain (1952) - Stanley Donen and Gene Kelly
Intolerance (1916) - DW Griffith
Weekend (1967) - Jean Luc Godard
Berlin Alexanderplatz (1980) - Rainer Werner Fassbinder
Ordinary People (1980) - Robert Redford
To Live (1994) - Zhang Yimou
Schindler's List (1993) - Steven Spielberg
La Dolce Vita (1960) - Federico Fellini
Annie Hall (1977) - Woody Allen
Psycho (1960) - Alfred Hitchcock
Napoleon (1927) - Abel Gance
Landscape in the Mist (1988) - Theo Angelopoulus
The Maltese Falcon (1941) - John Huston
Mulholland Drive (2001) - David Lynch
On the Waterfront (1954) - Elia Kazan
Goodfellas (1990) - Martin Scorsese

I think that's 25, that's tough to narrow down. Hell will probably freeze over before I can list paintings.

Re: Cultural 100.

Postby madhuban » Sat Jan 21, 2006 7:50 am

Trev and wpqx's music list got me energised! Here's my bizarre top 26 - some hardened obsessions confirmed yet again (the selections from rock), some beginner's forays (jazz), some insider's knowledge as wpqx says (indian, pakistani and bangladeshi music) and some impulsive "listening to right now" choices (need to stand the test of time). The absence of western classical is sorely regretted. It isn't a case of "not my kind of music"; just that I haven't heard enough of it yet. I am cheating too - 26 instead of 25. had a tough time restricting myself to that!

1. The Beatles - "Sgt Pepper" and "Abbey Road" (if i have to choose)
2. Pink Floyd - everything, simply everything, including the Syd Barrett phase that a lot of people find cacophonic! If i have to choose again, "Obscured By Clouds", "Dark Side of the Moon", Wish You were Here", "Division Bell".
3. Jethro Tull - again everything, particularly, "Aqualung", "Crest of A Knave", "Heavy Horses", "Songs From the Wood" (Tull is like mature wine...i like them more and more as I get on!)
4. Led Zeppelin - "Led Zeppelin", "Physical Grafitti" (I have 3 different live versions of "Whole Lotta Love")
5. Bob Dylan - he should have made my list as a poet! if i have to choose, "Oh Mercy"
6. Sting - "The Soul Cages"
7. Bob Marley - everything about the man and his music! "Songs of Freedom" and "Legend" (with the Wailers) special mention
8. Grateful Dead - "American Beauty", "Workman's Dead"
9. Deep Purple - "Machinehead", "Purpendicular"
10. U2 - "Joshua Tree", "Rattle and Hum"
11. Dire Straits - "Money for Nothing", "Dire Straits", "Brothers In Arms"
12. John Coltrane - "My Favourite Things', "Giant Steps"
13. Pat Metheny - "Bright Sized Life"
14. Miles Davis - "Kind of Blue"
15. Rabindranath Tagore (this chap wrote 3000+ songs and composed music for each of them!!!...Warning: don't try him if you don't know the language)
16. "Shakti With John McLaughlin"
17. "Real Sugar" Sam Mills & Paban Das Baul
18. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan (sufi qawali) - everything, particularly the song "kehna galat galat"
19. Abida Parveen (more for her sufi qawali than her ghazals) - her voice is incredible!
20. Junoon - "Azadi" (this is a pakistani band that does sufi rock)
21. Fuzon - they've produced only one album till date, so the numbers i am moved by - "Khamaj" and "Malhar" (very good work with hindustani classical music and rock)
22. "Lace, Fita, Lace" - James (Bangladesh) - this album uses sound elements and rhythmic patterns from the songs/recitations of hawkers - pathbreaking work!
23. Moheener Ghoraguli (a 70s band from West Bengal) - "Jhara Shomoyer Gaan" - pathbreaking work again!
24. Bangla (band from Bangladesh, working with traditional folk songs of Bengal and rock) - "Kimkortobyobimurha"
25. R. D. Burman - one of the greatest music composers India ever produced. he worked extensively for bollywood. gave a new direction to Hindi film songs.
26. Chandrabindoo (a band from West Bengal) - all their albums work with the idea of pastiche...pathbreaking lyrics... again, don't try this if you don't know the language!


Re: Cultural 100.

Postby trevor826 » Sat Jan 21, 2006 1:04 pm

Madhuban, some nice choices there although I was surprised with Deep Purple and Jethro Tull because they were a bit before your time. I was thinking of including Deep Purple but if I had, I would have gone with the rawness of Deep Purple In Rock as opposed to Machinehead. Can't believe I missed out Bob Marley though, Exodus is a brilliant album.

Johndav, Bach and Beethoven are my favourite classical composers, both very popular in East Asian countries as well. I'll have to try and check out the film you mentioned.

wpqx, with your choices you would get on well with my sons, very similar.

Cheers Trev.

Re: Cultural 100.

Postby Johndav » Sat Jan 21, 2006 4:43 pm

boyo bach + beethoven make a nifty trio.

Re: Cultural 100.

Postby wpqx » Sat Jan 21, 2006 7:39 pm

Tull #3 I'm kind of surprised. I'm a big fan of there's and usually get laughed at when people see 12 Jethro Tull cds in my collection. These days I'd have to lean on Thick as a Brick as my favorite album of there's, self indulgent, but not in the embarassing extent that A Passion Play was.

Also Bob Marley's best album was/is Natty Dread, maybe Catch a Fire a close second. Legend doesn't count because it's a greatest hits (my rules). Oh and if we (the royal We), were counting jazz, A Love Supreme would top that list.


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