"Before Night Falls"

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"Before Night Falls"

Postby ishdish2 » Wed May 30, 2001 5:48 pm

Has anyone seen it. Very much like "Strawberries and Chocolate" and "Kiss of the Spider Woman". Javier Bardem was excellent

Re: "Before Night Falls"

Postby PunkWashGurl » Sat Jun 02, 2001 11:07 pm

i saw it! it was good!johnny depp was good too! who was sean penn in it, cos they said that he was in it on the box, but i didnt recognize him!!!! i would love to disscuss more about this movie but i have to go!

Re: "Before Night Falls"

Postby ishdish2 » Sun Jun 03, 2001 12:02 am

Sean Penn played a small part in the begining of the movie.
He picks up young Reynaldo Arenas on the side of the road.
Then makes him pick up his cigar and leaves him there in the middle of the road. It's hard to believe thats Sean Penn. It was such an insignificant role.

Re: "Before Night Falls"

Postby D-rel » Mon Aug 20, 2001 5:38 pm

Yeah, I loved this movie! Beautiful imagery, and the part where the hot-air balloon falls to earth and crumples on the ground is absolutely heartbreaking. Great performances all around--it was criticized for being too fragmented, but I thought it was a welcome break from the boring, linear narratives of most traditional biopics. Superior to the roughly contemporaneous "Pollock," which managed to grab an Oscar (supporting actress--I guess "Night" didn't have much to offer here, though).

Re: "Before Night Falls"

Postby mafonsobraga » Sun Oct 14, 2001 1:42 pm

Very good film. Excellent cast. Very touching story.

Re: "Before Night Falls"

Postby cinemasmooch » Sat Oct 20, 2001 12:09 am

Yes, excellent movie and Spanish actor...missed Sean Penn though...Johnny Depp is a wonder...brought back memories of Federico Garcia Lorca's life.

Re: "Before Night Falls"

Postby antigone » Tue Jan 01, 2002 11:34 am

i thought it was a great film, the way the pictures complemented the poetry was rare and magnificent. Powerful thought provoking stuff.

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