Dealer (2004) (Hungary)

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Dealer (2004) (Hungary)

Postby hengcs » Thu Apr 28, 2005 5:11 am

This movie, directed by Benedek Fliegauf, relates a day's event of an unnamed drug dealer.

I find it a rather contemplative and depressing movie indeed ...

What I find most compelling

(1) The visuals -- wow, it is stylistically cool ... but it does feel chilling and alienating ... noteworthy, the camera pans VERY slowly too ...

(2) The soundtrack -- It is really haunting, and serves to augment the visuals very well ...

(3) The ending -- what can I say, watch for it yourself ... (and how the scene fades out) ...

(4) Overall, the movie succeeds in creating the irony of sufferings and deliverance ...

Q&A with the director:
He was curious to know how many audience will actually sit through to finish watching the film ... and who they are ...
* laughter *

Q: Was the visuals post production or the use of filters?
A: Nowadays, most do not use filters. Yup ... it is a post production effect.

Q: * the audience who asked did not get the characters correct, so the rest of us were confused ... *
What was the relationship between * a woman's name * and the male protagonist?
A: * it was confusing, so nobody really knew how to answer ... even the director ... *

Q: What do Hungarians feel about the movie? And how does it differ from international audience?
A: It is a very good question ... there are the old generation and new generation of directors ... there are those who appeal to the masses and those who win awards, but nobody watches ... mine belongs to the latter ... * laugh *

Q: What was the man with the spade in the soil doing?
A: The director related that it was an actual incident he saw on the beach ... when a man was drunk and kept digging until he "vanished" from his children's view ...

Q: What inspired the movie ...
A: * in order to avoid spoilers, I will just say the ending scene was an event in the news that the director read *

Well, watch it if you want to know!
ha ha ha

Again, I will only recommend to people who like the minimalist approach ... otherwise, you will get impatient with the pacing as the movie/camera pans VERY SLOWLY ...

Re-iterating ... both the visuals and the soundtrack are excellent!

Re: Dealer (2004) (Hungary)

Postby A » Tue Oct 02, 2007 1:55 am

Originally posted by me on 12/11/06

Made in Hungary, the film evokes a lot of filmmakers' style (Tarkovski and his Stalker (1979)immediately come to mind) without becoming too self-indulgent. The "thank you's" in the credits go also to Bela Tarr, Sergio Leone and Portishead. My initial response was too critical and I ended rating it 33/100. But if you try to surrender yourself more to Fliegauf's allegorical take on post-socialist reality where death seems the only escape from a life that resembles hell you will definitely be rewarded. Long and slow tracking-shots for almost 160 minutes will either hypnotize the viewer or send him asleep. I finally surrendered, and fell under its spell. A problem could be the "formulaic" approach, which others would describe as "focused". Look out for the ending of the story which is actually the beginning of the film!


After some consideration this is one of the must-see films of recent years. If you are a fan of Bela Tarr there is no way around this independent gem. Unique in every way, it is a bleak portrayal of the crumbling society in former eastern block countries. A gloomy and unapologetic trip into hell. The surreal quality and inserts in the film are also very interesting.

My rating after the 2nd viewing was an impressive 71 out of 100

I believe arsaib has seen this one too, but his thoughts were buried after the crash of our old forum.

Re: Dealer (2004) (Hungary)

Postby R6dw6C » Tue Oct 02, 2007 2:30 am

How come that you edited your post now, A? Anyway, I'm glad you didn't insist on your shocking 33 rating.
I totally agree, it is one of the most amazing films of the new century up to now and one of those ferocious cinematic monuments you need to see over and over again. Too bad it will probably never be released on DVD over here. But I hope that Artificial Eye, Criterion, Tartan or any similar company will pick it up soon as I HAVE to rewatch it and everybody should be given the opportunity so see it. But my rating will be still the same, I guess.

To everyone from the United States and the UK: Do you know if there is any DVD of this one in existence or announced?

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