Looking for Suggestions...

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Looking for Suggestions...

Postby chicagotag » Thu Oct 18, 2001 6:51 pm

I recently began watching foreign films in school so have only seen three. Shall we Dance, To Live, and Il Postino and i have enjoyed them all. I dont know anything about any other foreign films so was wanting some suggestions on movies that i might enjoy based on those 3 that i liked or some films that are regarded as some of the best and that everyone likes. I probably wont like films that are too girl oriented but i did like those 3 very much and they are exactly "men oriented." I liked how the actors protrayed someone who goes through a character or spiritual transformation due to elightenment occurences. Please give me suggestions ASAP because i am very anxious. Also, i recommend those 3 films to anyone because they were great.

Re: Looking for Suggestions...

Postby jcaine » Fri Oct 19, 2001 1:35 am

You should start with the great directors: Ingmar Bergman, Akira Kurosawa, Federico Fellini, Jean Renoir, Francois Truffaut, L. Bunuel, etc. Individual films
which appear on my own best ten lists of the year they were made include: The Blue Angel, Le Million, A nous La Liberte, The Grand Illusion, The Rules Of The Game, Alexander Nevsky, Ivan The Terrible Part One, Children Of Paradise, No Regrets For Our Youth, Beauty And The Beast(french), The Bicycle Thief, Orpheus, Los Olvidados, Rashomon, The Wages Of Fear, Mr. Hulot's Holiday, Ugetsu, I Vitelloni, Rififi, La Strada, The Seven Samurai, Diabolique, Smiles Of A Summer Night, Mon Oncle, The Seventh Seal, Throne Of Blood, Wild Strawberries, The Hidden Fortress, The 400 Blows, Nazarin, Fires On The Plain, La Dolce Vita, The Battle Of Austerlitz(uncut), Never On Sunday, Viridiana, Divorce---Italian Style, Through A Glass Darkly, Yojimbo, Knife In The Water, Les Carabiniers, Eight And A Half, Seduced And Abandoned, The Shop On Main Street, A Man And A Woman, Blow Up, Fahrenheit 451, The Bride Wore Black, Belle de Jour, War And Peace(russian), Stolen Kisses, Bed And Board, Claire's Knee, Such A Gorgeous Kid Like Me, Chloe In The Afternoon, The Discreet Charm Of The Bourgeoisie, Cries And Whispers, High Street, Amarcord, Dersu Uzala, Bread And Chocolate, Swept Away, Keetje Tippel, Face To Face, Seven Beauties, 1900, Small Change, Dear Detective(french), La Cle Sur La Porte, La Carapate, The Marriage Of Maria Braun, La Cage Aux Folles, Get Out Your Handkerchiefs, The Tin Drum, City Of Women, Berlin Alexanderplatz, Pixote, Kagemusha, Mephisto, Das Boot, Diva, La Nuit de Varennes, El Norte, The Night Of The Shooting Stars, Danton, Fanny And Alexander, Phar Lap, The Ballad Of Narayama, My New Partner, Shoah, Ran, Round Midnight, A Man And A Woman: 20 Years Later, Letters From A Dead Man, Manon Of The Spring, Jean de Florette, Man Facing Southeast, Pelle The Conqueror, Dark Eyes, The Last Emperor, Babette's Feast, Camille Claudel,Salaam Bombay, Hotel Terminus, The Nasty Girl, Jesus Of Montreal, Cinema Paradiso,Madame Bovary(french), Like Water For Chocolate, Rhapsody In August, Raise The Red Lantern, The Best Intentions, To Live, Ridicule, Life Is Beautiful, Autumn Tale, and I don't care what anyone else says Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, whew!!!!!!
Why don't you cross reference these with the top 100 on
this website? Then you can start from there. You must understand that I included some lesser known personal choices as well as world renown classics that you'll find on the top 100 list. Also I have not seen many of the greats myself yet; otherwise, they would probably be included. Maybe you might want to check out some books when you're on campus. Most college libraries will have some references you can use to discover foreign films on your own by director, actor, country, genre, etc. You can try searches on the web as well. I know this is lengthy but I am passionate about this topic. I hope this is of some assistance.

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