The Sun Also Rises (2007) (China)

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The Sun Also Rises (2007) (China)

Postby hengcs » Thu Sep 27, 2007 11:04 pm

The Sun Also Rises (Tai Yang Zhao Chang Sheng Qi) (2007) (China)

Director: Jiang Wen
Cast: Jaycee Chan, Jiang Wen, Joan Chen, Zhou Yun, Anthony Wong

The official website
click (with English version)
click (the music at this website has a better "feel" of the period)


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My thoughts

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Recommended. I actually enjoy the film, although I am not overwhelmed by it. In particular, the 2nd segment is interesting and well acted.

I humbly believe that the factor that appeals to those who love it is the same factor that makes others hate it.

(1) In essence, the director does not explain many things (respecting the audience in their wisdom as well as inferences). By doing so, audiences can choose to believe what they think really happens or what are the underlying psychology in those characters ... thereby generating conversations out of these "gaps" in story telling ...

On the other hand, many audiences are likely walking out of the movie wondering what exactly is the director trying to tell (in terms of plot and messages). The many unexplained events/psychology may be baffling to many. They may then criticize the director for opting the "easy" way out, and leave the "thinking" to the audience ...

(2) Critics/reviewers/film fanatics/etc may like to believe there are a lot of allegories, symbolisms, analogies, parallels, hints, nuances and what have you ...

Whereas those who dislike the film will dismiss all these opinions as simply reading too much into the film, crediting the director for things that are never meant to be more than what they are ...

So, which side are you on? Do watch and decide for yourself.

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