Huang Jin Jia (Curse of The Golden Flower) (2006) (China/HK)

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Huang Jin Jia (Curse of The Golden Flower) (2006) (China/HK)

Postby hengcs » Sun Sep 03, 2006 2:09 am

Director: Zhang Yi Mou
Cast: Chow Yun Fat, Gong Li, Jay Chou

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What a cast .. and director ... but who knows?!

Re: Huang Jin Jia (Curse of The Golden Flower) (2006) (China/HK)

Postby hengcs » Fri Sep 22, 2006 4:20 pm

I think this film will only be screened in Dec worldwide ...
Nonetheless, to qualify for Oscar,
some places in China has screened it ...

Apparently, most of the reviews are rather positive ...
crediting the cast as well as a good script ...

But who knows? ... till we watch the film ... hee hee

Re: Huang Jin Jia (Curse of The Golden Flower) (2006) (China/HK)

Postby hengcs » Tue Dec 26, 2006 3:51 am


Time Magazine (Richard Corliss & Richard Schickel) ranked it as one of the top 10 this year ...

1 Letters from Iwo Jima
2 Borat
3 The Departed
4 United 93
5 The Queen
6 Pan's Labyrinth
7 The Good Shepherd
8 Cars
9 District B13
10 Curse of the Golden Flower

I know I have to write the review ... ha ha ah

Re: Huang Jin Jia (Curse of The Golden Flower) (2006) (China/HK)

Postby A » Wed Jan 03, 2007 4:12 am

I noticed that too, and was quite surprised. The film didn`t officially start in the US already, did it?

Contrary to arsaib, I am a huge fan of Zhang Yimou, and very fond of the road he has taken. Having only seen, his last three films before "Hero" (2002), it was definitely a carrying on with the same topics and concerns while improving on them (only in a different guise) I think "Hero" and "House of Flying Daggers" are both masterpieces, and better than the films that came right before it. As I haven`t seen any of the older Yimou films from his "rebellios" period, but due to the praise they still receive, I would assume that Yimou might have run a bit out of steam with an always similar formula, and wanted some change. If some of the complains are about the pathos and melodrama, they were no less evident in "Not One Less" (199) and "The Road Home" (1999).
I think Yimou succeeded so far with the way he has chosen, and I`m looking forward to his latest martial arts love story.

Chen Kaige is another story, though.

Re: Huang Jin Jia (Curse of The Golden Flower) (2006) (China/HK)

Postby trevor826 » Wed Jan 03, 2007 10:03 am

A, I think you would find Zhang Yimou's earlier films made with his then muse Gong Li fascinating and utterly absorbing, I doubt he will ever reach the heights of "Raise the Red Lantern, Ju Dou or any of the others again.

Please try and seek out these classics, I know you will find a lot to appreciate in them, enough to write an essay, certainly on the 2 I've listed.

Now they've been brought to mind, I wish I had them available to watch again.

Cheers Trev.

Re: Huang Jin Jia (Curse of The Golden Flower) (2006) (China/HK)

Postby A » Wed Jan 03, 2007 11:59 pm

I`m trying for some years already (though I could try harder ), but the only solution seems importing them. So far nothing of early Yimou is on German DVD, as far as I know.
But I`ll get to them eventually (what a nice word ).
I`m sure I`ll love some of them, as Yimou is already one of my favorite directors.

I`ll think about the essays.

Re: Huang Jin Jia (Curse of The Golden Flower) (2006) (China/HK)

Postby wpqx » Sat Jan 06, 2007 2:31 am

Well I seem to be the first person who's seen it, and I don't have time to review it, but good lord I @#%$ loved it. It's so deliciously decadent.

Re: Huang Jin Jia (Curse of The Golden Flower) (2006) (China/HK)

Postby hengcs » Sat Jan 06, 2007 5:27 am

Oops, not to spoil your excitement ...
But I actually watched it on its opening ... 23 dec?! i think ...
Likewise, I have little time to write reviews and during then, I presume I was more eager to write the one for Confession of Pain ... that's why ... hee hee

Anyway, I am glad that you like it ...

Hi wpqx,
eagerly waiting for you more paragraphy review ...
here's my 1 cent worth

What I like ...

-- Topping the list has to be its ostentatious costumes (I hope it garners the Best Costume in Oscar), and to a large extent, its set design ... wow ... what a palace ... as usual, with Zhang Yi Mou ... Colors will dazzle and "blind" you ... they are VERY LOUD this time ...

-- Next would be the great cast, but most notably, Gong Li ... you would be glad to know that she passed on the role in The Banquet (also reviewed in this board) to Zhang Ziyi ... A great decision because this film allows her to demo her entire range of emotions ... of course some pple would go for Chow Yun Fatt, or Liu Ye ... or for many Asian "teens", they would go for Jay Chou (a very popular singer) ...

-- With rgds to the plot, some "non Asians" have likened it to a mix of some Shakespearean plays and tragedies ... but frankly, it was loosely based on a famous Chinese play "Lei Yu (Thunderstorm)" by Cao Yu (except the fact that it is transported to a different period and arena, i.e., the Tang dynasty) ... want to know what happens? watch the film ...

-- Finally, some/many Asians actually like the song at the end by Jay Chou (and for your info, it is also subtitled in English ...) ... you guess it, they have their minds set on the Oscar too ...

What I thought could be better ...

-- The emotional engagement. The plot is good, there are twists, there are tragedies, etc ... but somehow, I did not care for who lives or who dies ... maybe that is why after a lot of contemplation, I prefer "Confession of Pain" ... at least it strikes a melancholic mood ...

Recommended. A commercial film that is laudable on its costume and set designs ... and maybe Gong Li.

Re: Huang Jin Jia (Curse of The Golden Flower) (2006) (China/HK)

Postby wpqx » Sun Jan 07, 2007 2:04 am

Now it has been established that sometimes spectacle can be frowned upon. Some films are over the top, obviously so, and I therefore have a tendency to dismiss them. On other occasions though, the opposite is true. Some odes to Shakespeare may abound, but the film that to me is linked pictorally, dramatically, and in terms of quality would be William Wyler's Ben-Hur. Ben-Hur was Hollywood spectacle done right. A film of fabulous sets, thousands of extras, and so many dramatic set ups. With only two exceptions all of Yimou's film takes place within the confines of the Forbidden City and never before in film, does the city part of this ring true. The Foribden City never seems to end. Corridors, and passage ways never stop, and when troops show up, there never seems to be an end to them. It seems at times half the population of China resides withing the gates of the palace.

The beginning of the film establishes the splendor of everything, and at first there seems a very conscious attempt to impress. Having seen previews for the film, I knew this was going to happen, so you can relax. Let in the splendor, and then pay attention to everything else. This is the type of film that you imagine King Hu would h[bave made had he been given 100 million dollars to make a picture. The whole "everyone can fight" edict runs through and lends to the slightly surreal nature of the film, but completely in context within martial arts films. The story though begins to unravel, and the more it progresses the more engrossed I was. I think this soars higher than Yimou's previous martial arts epics, and like A I am very pleased with the direction he has gone. Sure this film doesn't have the emotional gravitas of To Live, but visually it is just as splendid as his first three films with Gong Li, and the enlarged scale works well. This film will no doubt make my top ten for the year, and now the question is just how high.

Grade A

Re: Huang Jin Jia (Curse of The Golden Flower) (2006) (China/HK)

Postby A » Wed Jan 17, 2007 6:46 pm

I am now officially eagerly awaiting this one.
Ben-Hur is my favorite spectacle, so if this is in a similar vein.


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