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Re: Another top 10 list

Postby john-5 » Tue Jul 23, 2002 10:35 am

Yes, i have (in the May/June edition). Have you, as well?
I'm a bit disappointed to see 2 of my favourites - Sansho the Bailiff and Seven Samurai- have slipped noticeably in the ForeignFilms top 100; not long back they were the top 2 here.

Re: Another top 10 list

Postby julesdabest » Wed Aug 14, 2002 8:09 pm

hello again john, i'm sorry i couldn't reply to you and vanessa but i've been away for the last 3 weeks in france. I had the great pleasure of seeing Blue Angel in a cinema in Lille which was showing films by german directors who made it in hollywood i.e Curtiz, Lubitsch, Lang, Murnau, Ophuld, Preminger, Siodmak, Sirk, Sternberg, Wilder, Wenders and Zinnemann. I also saw Unfinished piece for a piano player which i would now definately put in my top ten list but unfortunately i had already posted my revised list at senses of cinema before going on holiday! I also saw Mizoguchi's Ugetsu which was also a mesmarising film. I would like to hear any news you have about your film society down in brecon and any films which have impressed you over the summer holidays.
Hwyl fawr

Re: Another top 10 list

Postby john-5 » Thu Aug 15, 2002 4:49 am

Bore da. Great to hear from you again. I saw your top 10 and revised list in Senses of Cinema. How are your studies going? I note you refrained from mentioning i couldn't even spell film correctly in French, above; strange how the memory plays tricks when you start questioning things you once took for granted. Like my gran; her Welsh got very rusty through lack of use.

Anyway, Brecon film soc is going from strength to strength, diolch yn fawr; our next season starts on 2 Sept with The Green Ray, a personal favourite. Other highlights of the season include Seven Samurai, Pather Panchali, Dr Strangelove, L'Age d'Or, And your Mother Too, Mulholland Drive,and Keaton's silent the General.

I've not been able to get to the cinema very often of late, so have missed a few of the most admired recent films. From the last couple of years, i've been most impressed by: At the Height of Summer, Eureka, The Day i became a Woman, Amores Perros, Crouching Tiger, In the Mood for Love, and Mulholland Drive. I look forward to seeing Atanarjuat the Fast Runner shortly, and Spirited Away (Miyazaki); both appeared in at least a couple of the Sight and Sound top 10's. Have you seen the results? The directors' poll was a great disappointment; i suggested loads of top international directors to canvas, and they preferred many 3rd rate and has-been British and Americans. A missed opportunity to widen the range of countries.

Re: Another top 10 list

Postby julesdabest » Thu Aug 15, 2002 3:43 pm

thanks for your reply john. i had my results today and am happy to say that i had 3 A (in spanish, french and english) and a C in Welsh. Next year I can now say that i will be going to Liverpool university to study French, Spanish and European Cinema. The line up of films for the next term of your film society is a very strong one and I think they are very intelligent choices. I'm afraid i am not aware of the sight and sound poll results or the director's poll results so if u could inform me i would be very gratefull. Did you find my points made in my review on Eternity and a day a little irrelevant or too harsh?

Re: Another top 10 list

Postby john-5 » Fri Aug 16, 2002 12:23 pm

Llongyfarchiadau. Well done, that's brilliant- not that i'm particularly surprised. What a great course to have lined up. Have you got a career in films planned? Wales can do with a world famous director to show our culture in a positive light.

Of course i'm sorry you didn't like Eternity and a Day, but your opinion is as valid as any of the top critics. Life would be pretty boring if everyone's tastes were the same. I'm always interested to hear different opinions, even if i don't always agree. And your viewing experience and knowledge are tremendous; at your age i'd seen far far less.

Mind you, i was annoyed by some of the responses at our film soc to Ritwik Ghatak's Cloud-Capped Star, which i'd not seen but suggested. I was well aware of some of the film's faults mentioned by several of the audience, but the loud hostility and refusal to even contemplate its equally obvious strengths (the lighting and cinematography, for instance, were exceptional) did upset me. The guy on one side of me kept holding his head and grimacing, the woman on the other sat arms folded with a look of disgust throughout- hardly conducive to a pleasurable viewing experience!


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